Action voted Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015

Publication date: 1 December 2014 Action voted Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015

Action voted Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015

Action was voted ‘Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015’. In Europe’s largest consumer survey, over 1 million consumers in nine countries voted and a total of 665 retailers were assessed. Action achieved the overall top score in the survey with respect to the aspects price level and promotions & offers and is therefore voted Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015.


Action had already been voted ‘Retailer of the year in the Netherlands’ and as the winner in the categories ‘Department store’ and ‘Games’. Action was also voted as Retailer of the year in Germany in the category ‘Household & Gifts’, in France in the category ‘Home & Decoration’ and in Belgium in the category ‘Department Store & Household’. Together with 7 other stores, Action then competed for the title ‘Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015’.


Ronald van der Mark, CEO Action: “We are delighted that we have been voted ‘Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015’. We have stores in four of the participating countries and have only been active in Germany and France for a short while. The fact that Action has been voted ‘Retailer of the year Europe 2014-2015’ proves that our customers in all the countries concerned value our low prices and broad and refreshing range. This makes us very proud and motivates us to further develop internationally and to invest in opening new stores and providing employment opportunities. On behalf of all of our colleagues at Action, we would like to thank our customers for their support. All of the colleagues at Action have also earned recognition for their efforts and enthusiasm. Thanks to them, we have happy customers each and every day.”


About Retailer of the Year

Retailer of the Year, an initiative from Q&A Research & Consultancy, is the biggest consumer survey in Europe and involves over 1 million participants in nine countries. The concept was created as a result of a consumer desire to express an opinion about their favourite chain stores. The chain stores are awarded because, according to the consumer, they offer the best service when it comes to price, range and service, for example. Retailer of the Year is organised in nine European countries.


How does the survey work?                                                              

Consumers were able to assess their favourite chain stores over the spring and summer. This assessment was entered online on the basis of a questionnaire. The consumer could assess all of the chain stores they had used over the previous year. The assessment comprised a report figure for the nine most important sales aspects. In order to become overall winner for Europe, a retailer must win a category prize in at least four countries and/or be overall winner. The final figure is the average of all results, even if a retailer is not nominated but has achieved the lower limit.